Sign Up and Save

Isagenix products can only be ordered directly from Isagenix.

Aside from bulk discounts for some of the products, a two tiered pricing structure allows for great savings when signing up as an associate for a low yearly fee, which is usually recovered with the first order.

The Benefits of Sharing

Helping others is one of the most rewarding actions a person can perform.

Introducing others to the benefits of Isagenix products not only helps them and their families from a health perspective, but longevity will be so much more fun with loved ones around for longer and with the extra funds, Isagenix Independent Associates have the opportunity to get rewarded with.

Please refer to the comprehensive overview of Isagenix' generous opportunity and compensation plan for all the details and some informative videos.

Team Support and Personal Development

Active Isagenix Independent Associates enjoy the company of like-minded people and a great support team.


Apart from all things Isagenix, the support team can also point out worthwhile personal development strategies and tools, resources, webinars, events, etc. to help each team member make the most of the Isagenix opportunity.

Team FSI is a great team to get involved in, even if you're not an Isagenix Independent Associate yet.